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The Drawknife, named for the tool that strips the bark from the logs used in our furniture, makes hand-crafted, heirloom-quality products. An environmentally aware company. All billiard tables and companion pieces make use of seasoned, dead-standing or fallen lodgepole pine trees which are harvested from the surrounding Teton Valley forests." "Drawknife billiard tables & accessory pieces are available in three different embellishments:

These designations refer to the amount of natural character in the logs that are used. When building tables, more highly specialized woodworking skills are required when there is more character in the materials. Standard tables are available in a clean-peeled, skip-peeled, gray weathered or beetle tracked texture. Wilderness and Burl logs are limited in availability therefore specific textures may be difficult to obtain.

Standard - contains primarily straight logs with minimal knots, bends or unusual character.

Wilderness - contains logs that feature what is sometimes called ""cat face."" The flowing patterns in the surface of the lodgepole pine trees can be caused by animal interaction (porcupine chew), a disease (paradarym harksieniam) or a past event that has left a scar on the bark of the tree. Each piece is truly one-of-a-kind. The Wilderness Madison contains three natural ""Y's"" that are elegantly hand-scribed into the trestle in the base of the table.

Burl utilizes the highly rare and bulbous burl wood in its construction. Over the years, the master Drawknife craftsmen have developed the skills necessary to build a burl table. Our team of designers and craftsmen will work closely with customers to create these works of art. A true collector's item.


WILDERNESS MADISON This variation of the Madison has horizontal beetle-tracked pine and pole aprons and is stained with a Pure American finish. Above model is the Wilderness embellishment.

THE STANDARD MADISON This version has a straight baluster center design with beetle-tracked texture and a golden oak finish. Above model is the Standard embellishment.

THE GALLATIN Each leg of the Gallatin is paneled on all four sides - giving this table a distinctive three-dimensional angular appearance. Beetle-tracked quarter-round detailing is finished in golden oak stain.

THE TETON ""TROUT"" Our Teton table with Art has legs made from massive weathered logs with matching vertical aprons. Side and end ovals feature copper plates etched with one of our designs, or a custom design featuring whatever motif you desire. Above model is the Wilderness embellishment.

THE YELLOWSTONE This is our most unique table, which will only be produced as we find the rare massive burls that support it. We anticipate making, at most, one of these tables per year. This table is hand carved with natural edge rails and distinctive Molesworth inlays.

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